Volunteer with Invisible (Edinburgh)!

We are currently recruiting friendly and creative volunteers to help us take Invisible (Edinburgh) to the next level!

So if you are based in Edinburgh and looking for an opportunity to help a local social enterprise or gain valuable work experience you may be able to help with the following!

Database Inputting

Firstly, we need help with creating a simple marketing database of all our customers, contacts and friends so we can get the best possible coverage for our monthly newsletter. Then, we’re also on the lookout for someone with the skills to create a quick and efficient way to record feedback and comments from people who attend our tours. Can you help?

Attending Events

Invisible (Edinburgh) attends lots of local events throughout the year, including markets, fairs and exhibitions. We need someone to come along to these events to help us promote our tours and let people know what we are about! Interested?

Supporting our soon to be launched Stand and Venue

These are exciting times for Invisible (Edinburgh) and we’re looking forward to having our own sales stand and venue open in the coming months. We are currently looking for talented salespeople to promote our tours and sell tickets in central Edinburgh, and to help out at our proposed new weekend faciltiy for homeless people in the city.

Marketing Support

The Invisible (Edinburgh) team has identified a need to better showcase who we are and what we do, so we would welcome any advice and assistance on how to step up our marketing strategy and digital presentation! From leafleting and Facebooking to tweeting to greeting – can you help us to spread the word?

Keen to join the team?

We are aiming to organise a first volunteer meeting in mid-October, if you feel that you could help us with any one of these roles or more, please get in touch via [email protected] and let us know how you can make a difference!