Travel the world… differently!

As you might have heard, our founder Zakia Moulaoui got the inspiration for Invisible (Edinburgh) after a visit to Greece, but did you know that there are many other alternative tours you can take in other countries?

Last month we visited our friends at UNSEEN Tours in London and took a wonderful trip around London Bridge with David. It was the perfect opportunity to meet some of the project’s coordinators and ask questions about their journey.

The tours of London started from the ‘Sock Mob’ initiative and grew slowly from there. Today they have four guides who offer tours to different areas of the Capital, across Camden, London Bridge and Brick Lane!

Zakia said: “It is always great to meet with similar projects around the world. You see how they do things, and there is always some great tips and advice.

“It is also reassuring the know we all go through similar experiences. Everyone in London was very welcoming and genuinely interested in our work here in Scotland. We cannot wait for them to come and visit us now!”

For more information on Unseen tours, click here.