Invisible Neighbourhoods

Although we welcome thousands of visitors a year, most of whom have never been to our cities before, our mission is also to make you discover hidden gems and parts of our cities that are too often not highlighted!

In Our Cities

With Invisible Neighbourdhood we want to develop more projects and tours in parts of our cities where tourists don’t tend to go. In Govan (Glasgow) we have organised well-being tours and activities for the community but also for visitors for the last year.

In the summer 2023 we partnered with the Glasgow Barons The Glasgow Barons to create fun walking tours of the Govan Street Art Murals.

Find out more about our Govan activities here Meet Me in Govan Impact Report 2023- SHORT by invisiblecitiestours – Issuu

Meet me in Govan

Our team at Invisible (Glasgow) has been working with Govan Community Project to bring well-being walks to local people, so they can discover their area and socialise. Since launching in the Spring of 2022, we have offered tours to 433 participants.

More information coming soon.

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