In the Media

Since we started our first tours in Edinburgh in 2016, we have been featured in many media outlets, all over the world.

Are you a Journalist?

If you are a journalist, producer, member of the media or film crew, and would like to cover the work of our social enterprise and come on one of our tours in the UK, simply tell us about the coverage or project you’re working on, and how you would like to feature Invisible Cities.

For photos of all our tours and events visit our Flickr channel here:

For more information contact:

Zakia Moulaoui
Invisible Cities CEO
0044 7500 773709

[email protected]

Press Pack is available here

As Seen In...

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Huffpost United Kingdom is committed to empowering the unique city tours that raise awareness and support for the homeless community.
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UNILAD Original Documentary

Goodness: Homeless Tour Guides

A man in a blue jacket walking down a street in edinburgh.

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