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Welcome to Invisible Manchester! We offer friendly walking tours of Edinburgh that showcase the city’s historical landmarks and explore the social projects that make the city what it is.

Our experienced tour guides, all of whom have been affected by homelessness, simply live and breathe the city, and offer their own personal insight into Edinburgh’s past, present and future.

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Ales & Alleyways: Andy’s Stories of Pubs

Andy leads you on a guided tour of Manchester, taking the route of his nights out in the 1980s, but reflecting on how the venues have played a significant role in shaping Manchester’s history.
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Wonderwalk Through Manchester with Nic

This tour of Manchester maps the city’s illustrious history of music and art, focusing on the venues and musicians which have helped to shape Manchester’s music scene.
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We Built This City From Depression

This tour transports you back to a time where Manchester looked very different. We Built This City From Depression uncovers the tombstones that the Northern city’s roots have grown over.
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Embark on the most fabulous of journeys and discover Edinburgh's rich queer history straight (pun intended) from the early mediaeval era to present day and looking forward
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