Meet me in Govan: Hear it from our Volunteer Tanvir

Meet me in Govan is part of Invisible Neighbourhood, our project to explore local areas in our cities designed by locals and for locals. Tanvir volunteered with us in 2023. These are his words:

“I was looking for voluntary work in Glasgow and one day, I got invited to join a Meet me in Govan tours by email. I am from Bangladesh, a small country in South Asia with a social work background and for me being in Glasgow was being like a tree without roots until I took part in these walks. Not only did help me create connections with different people from diverse backgrounds but they also helped me learn the history behind the city and the people living.

All through these walks there were personal stories and many memories along with meeting new people, sharing food, laughter and various other emotions and exchanges which helped me to think more about self-care as well as life and lived experiences of the people living in Govan. I had been to Govan before and had seen many of these places, but they were just buildings to me. Govan now feels like a story book which I read through all these walks. My Wednesdays were always colourful, ever since the last week of July 2022 when I first started!”

Thank you to Tanvir for writing about his experience with Invisible (Glasgow) and Meet me in Govan. This project is run in partnership with Govan Community Project and has been funded by Impact Partners. You can find pictures of our Govan walks and all our community tours through the UK here.

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