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We also work in collaboration with other organisations, events and companies and sometimes offer bespoke experiences. Our virtual tours are still available tooo! Either as a pre-recorded experience or live, get in touch to know more!

Our Virtual Tours

We train people affected by homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city and offer these alternative tours to tourists and locals.

Our high quality training empowers our guides to create, craft and deliver tours that are their own, highlighting monuments, people and places they have chosen themselves.

A man in a blue jacket walking down a street in edinburgh.

Edinburgh 360 Virtual Tour

Visit the sites where protests have animated the city of Cardiff and paved the way for change.
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Embark on the most fabulous of journeys and discover Edinburgh's rich queer history straight (pun intended) from the early mediaeval era to present day and looking forward
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What People Are Saying…

"Did the virtual version of this tour with my company. We were drawn in by the philanthropic nature of this organization, but the service itself is a cut above most tour guides. Our charismatic and knowledgeable made for an engaging "walk" around Edinburgh, even while I was sitting at my desk over 3 thousand miles away."

UNILAD Original Documentary

Goodness: Homeless Tour Guides

A man in a blue jacket walking down a street in edinburgh.

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