Invisible (Manchester) Supports Local Charity Thanks to Danny’s Book

March 5th 2020 was World Book Day and at Invisible (Manchester), we celebrated in style!

Thanks to the sales of our own Danny’s Poetry Book “Off the Cobbles” we were able to donate £250 to the Booth Centre, to mark the local charity 25th Anniversary!

The Booth Centre brings about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, to help them plan for and realise a better future. ​They do this by working alongside the people attending the centre, to provide activities which help people rebuild confidence and learn something new whilst having fun and building social connections. They run arts, employment and skills sessions daily and offer everyone a healthy, free breakfast and lunch.

As a social enterprise ourselves, we are committed to re-investing our profits to a social cause or project. Last year, in May 2019, Invisible (Manchester) we worked hard to publish Danny’s book of poetry. Our first rounds of copies sold out by Christmas! All of this would not have been possible without the hard work of our volunteer Alice who supported Danny throughout this process.

From the start, Danny was passionate about using part of the profits from the book sales, to support The Booth Centre as he wanted to give back to them, for all the support they provided him and continue to provide him with.

Invisible Cities founder Zakia says: “Our whole work and ethos is about empowering our trainees and guides so they can tell their own stories but also be real actors of their communities. Seeing Danny work so hard on his tour, then the publication of his books and witness the rewards of all of this, by donating this money to the Booth Centre feels like a powerful journey and incredible achievement. We are delighted to support the charity with this small amount, to celebrate 25 years of their work in the city!”

We are also thrilled to announce that due to public demand, Danny’s ‘Off the Cobbles’ book will be re-published shortly. For the price of only £10 you can pre-order here.