Invisible (Edinburgh) Celebrates #AustralianDay with the Return of Angie

Today, January 26th 2020 is Australian Day and we are very happy to announce that our own Australian guide, Angie, is back at Invisible (Edinburgh)!

After launching her tour on the arts and festivals of the city, Angie was busy doing many other things, including a Life coaching course and volunteering for the FRINGE Festival, but she has now decided to return to touring. She even added new things to her skill sets and is ready to deliver talks on her experiences of addiction, homelessness or self awareness.

At Invisible Cities, we want to develop our offer and go to schools, companies and other organisations directly to deliver talks and workshops on themes that mean a lot to us: homelessness of course, but also mental health, wellbeing, addiction, or anything else our guides feel close to. Stay tuned for more information about this.

To book Angie’s tour: Arts & Festivals in Edinburgh, click here

If you are already interested in having the Invisible Cities team come to your school, company or organisation to talk, please email [email protected]

In the mean time, we are all saying: Welcome Back Angie!