Hear it From Our Guests: HR Department on a tour with Invisible (Edinburgh)

At Invisible Cities, we love welcoming groups on our tours, whether they are from a school, work colleagues away for the day or part of an event! Check out what our latest group has to say about our tours.

This week, we caught up with HR Department in Edinburgh and their team who came on one of our tours in December. Ian, their founder and chair told us about his experience with us:

“Sometimes you don’t realise what is under your nose, let alone how fortunate you are….

That was my overwhelming realisation within 5 minutes of our team tour with Invisible Cities, a locally based social enterprise who support and train people who have experienced homelessness to curate and then deliver theme based tours in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, York and Cardiff.

We met our guide Sonny in the Grassmarket. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the things we learnt on the “Uncover Stories of Crime and Punishment” tour with this engaging and humble local were engaging, educational, entertaining and yes, occasionally unsettling. Our tour took in various Wynds, Greyfriars Churchyard and a good chunk of the Royal Mile. We literally crossed the ancient city, from one end of the Flodden Wall to the other. I realised that I walk round with my eyes closed most of the time.

It was also humbling and motivating to hear Sonny’s insights of life on the street, and how society does, and all too often does not, support those in need of shelter, support and opportunity.

There are a range of tours available: Real Women of Edinburgh, History of the Trainspotting Generation, The Royal Mile – From Mud Huts to High Rise and a Guide to Edinburgh’s Social Enterprises. I have previously also done the Royal Mile tour, and it was brilliantly educational.

And it doesn’t cost much: tours start at £12 per person. That is really competitive, and a great opportunity for a team activity. It’s also just great to do these tours as a local, and it is a great tip you can give to visitors from out of town.

We will certainly do another tour in the future: please give it a try, and tell your friends.

PS: The only reason I am sharing this is because I think that it’s a fantastic venture, and everyone involved benefits. Consider my sharing this my New Year Gift to you.”

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