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Uncover Stories of Crime and Punishment

Sonny, an Edinburgh local, offers you a walking tour of his Edinburgh, taking you along the streets that he knows and following the stories of crimes, hangings, and jail time! Hear Sonny’s story and uncover his journey!

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Real Women of Edinburgh

We believe you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist so this Edinburgh walking tour can be delivered by any of our local guides, depending on availability (you cannot choose though!). Discover stories of women throughout History: witches, murderers, mothers and doctors.

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The Royal Mile - Edinburgh's Most famous Street

This Edinburgh walking tour covers the most famous street in the city. Even though you will start at the Grassmarket you will go down the Royal Mile for an exploration of the history of this street and where it gets its famous name, but also of all modern day organisations that call it home today.

This tour can be conducted by several of our guides at Invisible (Edinburgh) so a specific person is not guaranteed.

The tour may run an extra five or ten minutes due to crowds or traffic.

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The Alternative Story of Leith

Leith is a vibrant and yet lesser-known part of Edinburgh. At Invisible Cities, we have a Leith expert and local legend: Dakota! As a proud Leither they have now developed this tour of Leith so every guest can discover the lesser-known and less-politically-correct stories of Leith. You'll learn about Leith's connections with other parts of the world and the many issues it still faces today whilst learning about its vibrant history and the changes it has gone through in its long history..

Warning: this tour contains topics that may not be suitable for young children, such as drug use. However, we can adapt it to a younger audience.

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Boil Boil Toil and Trouble- History of Witchcraft in Edinburgh

Boil boil toil and trouble - but what is the real story? Discover Edinburgh's rich pagan past through folklore and ancient stories, the turbulent history of witchcraft in the city and Scotland, and it's paranormal present- all from me, a practicing pagan dedicated to making this the most authentic walking tour of its kind in Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh's Queer History

Embark on the most fabulous of journeys and discover Edinburgh's rich queer history straight (pun intended) from the early mediaeval era to present day and looking forward. Learn about queer royalty, poets, doctors, sex workers, activists, drag queens and kings, football players and more...there's even a spy! Through these stories and more we'll travel together through history and give life to the history of queer rights and love right up to the present.

Through this tour, you will discover Edinburgh like never before- through rainbow goggles with our guide Dakota, a non-binary queer person with a passion for history and activism.

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York’s Railway Heritage

York has been a hub of transportation since the Romans established the city in AD71, linking it to an efficient road system and making use of its waterways.

However, the city is also famed for its rich railway heritage and is home to the largest railway museum in the world.

Tour guide Gemma is a transgender woman, who found herself sleeping rough and living in hostels following the sudden unexpected death of her landlady. She is a passionate railway enthusiast and her York guided tour explores how the railway has shaped and transformed the city.

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The Story of Guy Fawkes

Beyond a tale of gunpowder, treason and plot, this walking tour of York tells the comprehensive story of Guy Fawkes. Learn his family history in York, growing up to the influences surrounding him as a Protestant and later a recusant Catholic.

Tour guide Vicki first became interested in Guy Fawkes in 2009, and her passion is one of the reasons that she moved to the city.

She interweaves her own personal journey of being diagnosed with stage 4b cancer, treatment, and remission, with the story of his life.

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The Health and Wealth of York

With more attractions per square mile than any other destination in the UK, there’s always something exciting just around the corner in York! Our Health and Wealth York city tour is an expedition through time, which explores just some of the most significant buildings and their influence on the city’s economic growth.
Miles is a father of two who combines his own life as a former banker with his personal experience of homelessness and his recovery journey from addiction to alcohol, to uncover layers of local history that highlight how York’s Health and Wealth has been continually shaped.

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Ales & Alleyways: Andy's Stories of Pubs

In the 1980s, Andy and his pals fell in love with Manchester’s bustling nightlife and rock music scene. Today he leads you on a guided tour of Manchester, taking the very same route of his nights out in the 1980s, but this time reflecting on how the venues have played a significant role in shaping Manchester’s history.

Each stop on the tour intelligently weaves elements of his memories, the story of that specific venue, and how it is contextualised in Manchester’s history. He touches on music, the suffragettes, football, Peterloo, Little Ireland and art in Manchester. You will be amazed by the transformation of the city today as you glimpse into the past, perhaps even learning about some buildings that have vanished to make way for Manchester’s new skyline.

The great British pub is a hallmark of British society and culture, serving both positive and negative connotations. Please note, the tour discusses themes of drinking and alcohol but there is no drinking whilst on the tour. We hope that instead, the tour will help spread awareness about the links between alcoholism and homelessness - it is simultaneously ‘caused by’ and ‘a cause’ of homelessness.

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Wonderwalk Through Manchester with Nic

This tour of Manchester maps the city’s illustrious history of music and art, focusing on the venues and musicians which have helped to shape Manchester’s music scene.

‘Wonderwalk’ will be led by Nic, a friendly and entertaining tour guide, who wants you to fall in love with the music of Manchester as he did from an early age.

With every turn, and every stop, Nic will brighten and enlighten you with tales and stories that combine the city’s and his own rich musical experience. You’ll be taken on a journey through the Rave Revolution, sparked by the hacienda, to the presence of reggae at Thirsty Scholar, and not forgetting the classical opera scene at the Royal Northern College of Music and Bridgewater Hall. The tour champions the legacy of Madchester that will never be lost, but also supports and empowers our smaller venues (which is now more important than ever) who play a huge part in the city’s never-ending, unique music scene.

Nic strongly believes music is for everyone. Within the tour he takes you to corners of the city’s community that inspire and introduce music, art and dance to those who are isolated or anxious.

Nic lives his life by these words: music is medicine, music lifts your spirit, softens your heart and brings people together.

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Stephen’s Tour: We Built This City From Depression

This tour transports you back to a time where Manchester looked very different. We Built This City From Depression uncovers the tombstones that the Northern city’s roots have grown over. With each step that Stephen takes, the city’s past starts to live and breathe again, unveiling the cobbled streets and working people that made Manchester what it is today.

Ever wondered why Manchester is proudly associated with the symbol of the bee? From the Great Depression, to the artistic work of Lowry. From the industrial revolution, to the IRA bombing that led to the regeneration of our city. This tour captures the hurdles Manchester has overcome. By sharing the darkness and shadows of Manchester’s past, Stephen’s stories show that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Stephen came to Manchester as a young boy, and became homeless as a teenager. His tour takes you on an extraordinary journey of other young people from Manchester’s past that have also suffered. We Built This City From Depression is an insight to the issues surrounding class and social deprivation from the 18th century to modern day. Stephen connects the tour together by sharing his own memories of homelessness and poverty. From sleeping on the streets at a young age, Stephen shares his first-hand experience of how Manchester has radically changed.

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Alternative Glasgow with Angie

You can embark on a journey to discover Glasgow with Angie. Starting at The People's Palace in Glasgow Green, you will finish near George Square and will hear stories of Glasgow's dark past, as well as receive contemporary knowledge on Scotland's largest city. The tour is about 1.5 long and costs £15 per person.

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Poetry, Protest and Place with John

Visit the sites where protests have animated the city and paved the way for change. John takes you to the iconic meeting places where global and local causes have been fought for.

At the heart of this is the relationship between those tensions – Cardiff as a capital city of a small working-class nation striving to find a place on the world stage. John takes you through different forms of protest, visiting the monuments to changemakers who have shaped Wales both past and present, from Dic Penderyn to Betty Campbell. John skilfully weaves in his craft of poetry, sharing his own work alongside pivotal pieces. This tour is both personal and political, giving you an insight into Cardiff as a creative catalyst.

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