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Uncover Stories of Crime and Punishment

Sonny, an Edinburgh local, offers you a tour of his Edinburgh, taking you along the streets that he knows and following the stories of crimes, hangings, and jail time! Hear Sonny’s story and uncover his journey!

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Real Women of Edinburgh

We believe you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist so this tour can be delivered by any of our Edinburgh guides, depending on availability (you cannot choose though!). Discover stories of women throughout History: witches, murderers, mothers and doctors.

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History of the Trainspotting Generation

Paul, an Edinburgh local, will give you a tour of Leith, a buzzing port district located in the northern part of the city which is rich in local history.

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Invisible (Edinburgh) Haggis Tour

Choose any of our Edinburgh Tour (except Leith; the Trainspotting Generation) and add a Haggis Box at local Business The Haggis Box which is situated at the Old Tolbooth Market where your guide will leave you.

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The Royal Mile - From Mud Huts to High Rise

Start at the foot of the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade down to the Tron, on the junction with the Bridges for a brief introduction to how Edinburgh's Royal Mile has developed from timbered medieval buildings to the complex street of today.

Follow Angus who will will tell you about many of the Mile's famous closes, offering a quiet retreat from the busy main street, and a glimpse into the layers of language underlying the present names of many buildings and areas.

Continually altered, repaired, adapted and sometimes restored, the Royal Mile is a living witness to Scottish history since the Middle Ages.

The tour may run an extra five or ten minutes due to crowds or traffic.

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York Family Friendly Fun Tour

Join the Invisible (York) ‘Family Friendly Fun Tour’, which is the only tour of the city that has been specifically developed with children in mind.

Tour guide Gavin is an affable dad, who has struggled with mental ill health and homelessness in the past, but draws upon his personal experiences as a former play-worker and teaching assistant to present a unique view of the city.

Gavin has had an enhanced DBS check and his immersive tour is designed to spark the imagination and curiosity of adults and children alike.

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York’s Railway Heritage

York has been a hub of transportation since the Romans established the city in AD71, linking it to an efficient road system and making use of its waterways.

However, the city is also famed for its rich railway heritage and is home to the largest railway museum in the world.

Tour guide Gemma is a transgender woman, who found herself sleeping rough and living in hostels following the sudden unexpected death of her landlady. She is a passionate railway enthusiast and her tour explores how the railway has shaped and transformed the city.

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The Story of Guy Fawkes

Beyond a tale of gunpowder, treason and plot, this tour tells the comprehensive story of Guy Fawkes, from his family history in York to growing up and the influences surrounding him as a Protestant and later a recusant Catholic.

Tour guide Vicki first became interested in Guy Fawkes in 2009, and her passion is one of the reasons that she moved to the city.

She interweaves her own personal journey of being diagnosed with stage 4b cancer, treatment, and remission, with the story of his life.

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Off the Cobbles with Danny

This unique walking tour is led by Danny, an “adopted Mancunian”, to show people the city’s streets as he has lived them. His tour is a thoughtful and poetic exploration that will transport you to the flip side of Manchester, beyond the mere surface of its tourist attractions and into the depths of his own experience of homelessness.

His passion is abundantly clear throughout the tour as he helps you see Manchester in a different light by contextualising some of the city’s most beautiful areas in the experience of Manchester’s homeless community, and his own personal experience. Each stop is marked with either a poignant poetry piece, written by Danny, or an anecdote from his time on the streets.

This tour is educational and enjoyable in equal parts, with a wonderful guide who is happy to answer any of your questions about his experience of homelessness. Combating stigmas around homelessness with his words, Danny’s tour will open your eyes to the real experiences of homeless people in Manchester.

What to expect?

Yourexperience starts at the Manchester Cenotaph, where you’ll meetDanny with his green hoodie on and set off on a thoughtful and poetic tour of the city. Looking beyond its famous sights into its lesser-seen stories of the city - this tour will make you stop and appreciate landmarks as emblematic as Manchester Cathedral down to singular pieces of street art in the Northern Quarter.

Duringthe two-mile walk you’ll visit places including:

  • St. Peter’s Square, where the Cenotaph war memorial is located

  • Albert Square, home of the impressive neo-Gothic town hall

  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, also known as the Hidden Gem

  • St. Ann's Square, where the Homeless Jesus statue rests

  • Manchester Cathedral, with its beautiful medieval architecture

  • The Northern Quarter area, where there’s street art on every corner.

Eachstop is marked with either a piece of Danny’s poetry or a personalstory about his time on the streets, and he’s happy to answer anyquestions you might have - he describes this as a walking talking tour; any question, any time.

Thetour finishes at 111 Piccadilly, where you’ll see a striking muralcreated by local artists who are or have been homeless.

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Back in Time With Laura

This unique walking tour is led by Laura, a person of many cities, especially Manchester. Her tour will take you on a rollercoaster of the Northern City’s streets, with unexpected twists and turns. Her passion for the past and present women of Manchester and the city’s culture, architecture and food scene is combined with her own personal experience throughout the tour.

As as a transgender woman, Laura’s tour tries to build bridges between her past and the person she has become today. She hopes to educate locals and tourists alike, to understand the difficulties of living on the streets as well as being transgender, in order for people to gain an insight on the issues surrounding homelessness.

What to expect?

Your experience starts at one of Manchester’s finest listed buildings, the Central Library, in St Peter’s Square. Where you should keep an eye out for Laura in her green hoodie which you’ll be welcomed with a meet and greet!

The one and a half mile walk will take you to places like:

  • St Peter’s Square, where the Central Library, The Midland Hotel and Emmeline Pankhurst statue are located.
  • Manchester Art Gallery, including the gallery cafe
  • China Town, where photo opportunities arise
  • Piccadilly Gardens, the home of the Queen Victoria statue
  • Chapter One Books, a break for a tea or coffee
  • The Northern Quarter, taking you to beautiful and intriguing sites, for example Greater Manchester Police Museum.

The tour will end in the centre of the Northern Quarter. This tour will take you around the seen and unseen of Manchester’s streets.

Turning the invisible, visible.

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Crimes & Punishment in the Merchant City

"Crimes & Punishment in the Merchant City" start at the People's Palace in Glasgow Green and will take you through the Merchant City to finish right in the city centre of Glasgow, in front of the Modern Art Gallery. The tour is about 1h30 and costs £10 per person. To book please email us below:

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