Exciting new Partnership in Glasgow to highlight Street Art

Invisible Cities is really excited to be partnering with SWG3 to organise tours of Skypark 7, the vacant site between Finnieston Street and Exhibition Centre train station that has been transformed into a dynamic hub of artistic expression for the next few weeks.

Opening to the public on 14th June and running until 30th June, artists will be commissioned to
create murals, light installations, and inventive art displays, blurring the lines between street art
and contemporary art and enriching the area with even more cultural vibrancy.

Using augmented and virtual reality, digital artists will also add layers to the newly painted containers
that can be activated using an iPhone or smartphone – bringing the newest technology to audiences
who attend the event.

Each weekend there will be a programme of workshops and activities to learn more about street art,
graffiti and digital art led by artists with our very own Invisible Cities in Glasgow, including our two new recruits James and Silvana! Tours are free and can be booked via this link.

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