Interested in Sustainable Tourism? You can Learn how to be a Better Traveller Online

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, travel and tourism was one of the world’s largest industries. But for the first time in a history it has completely stopped.

Tourism boosted economic growth, job creation and promoted cross-cultural understanding. On the other hand it contributed to climate change, pollution, and resulted in overcrowding to a degree when neither the local residents nor the travellers enjoyed their destinations. How can tourism be so powerful and exciting and at the same time, have such an impact on the world we live (good and bad)?

At Invisible Cities, we think this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the impact of tourism and how we can all individually make a difference while travelling.

Anula Galewska, an expert on responsible tourism has put together a course via online platform Udemy that we think everyone interested in tourism should do!

She shares everything she’s learned as a traveller and as a tourism professional in this unique insight onto the tourism world.

From learning where to book sustainable hotels and experiences, to how to pack, eat, shop and move around to make your holiday cost-savvy and more memorable, the course covers all aspects of travel and offers great points to reflect on and implement next time you are visiting a new country.

The best thing about it? 50% of the ticket price is donated to Invisible Cities because Anula definitely believes in supporting others along the way!

Interested yet? Enroll here