Competition Time- How Well do You Know Edinburgh?

As everyone is having to stay safely inside, at Invisible Cities, we thought we would keep you entertained and created this wee competition. Do you want to win an Invisible Cities tote bag? Then this is for you!

During these unprecedented times, we keep supporting our guides, trainees and volunteers, in all our invisible cities. With weekly deliveries of food, house items or activities everyone can do in their place of accommodation, we work with everyone so they stay engaged and as interested in their city as ever.

You can still support us in these efforts by donation to our JustGiving Page here.

In Edinburgh, we thought we would create something fun for you to do!

Our guide Paul, in love with his city of Edinburgh, also loves taking pictures and experimenting with different formats of photography. He has taken 5 pictures of 5 places or landmarks in Edinburgh…but will you be able to recognise them? Beware: some are easier than others!

Take a look at THE PHOTOS HERE (allow a few seconds for the pictures to load!)

If you think you have found them all, email us your answers or let us know on social media. The 5 first people to give the right answers will win a free Invisible Cities Tote Bag, just like the one you can see on our e-shop here.

Email your answers to [email protected] or post your answers on Facebook or Twitter

Good luck!