The story behind the stickers!

We recently thought up an inventive way to help our tour guides in Edinburgh.

The city is a busy and bustling place with so much going on, so our more popular routes are often very crowded as our guides lead their tours.

In fact, sometimes the streets have been so mobbed with tourists that our guides have been confused as to who was on the tour and who was a random person walking along the street!

So to combat this we needed to think of an easy and effective trick to help our guides spot who is part of the group they are guiding, and the answer was… stickers!

Now, as anyone who has taken a tour with Invisible (Edinburgh) lately will have noticed, everyone gets a little sticker with a picture of their guide on it before each tour begins.

The lovely sticker designs have been superbly illustrated by talented local artist Nicola Boon who does all the artwork Invisible Edinburgh, and we couldn’t be more thankful for her wonderful work.

To find out more about Nicola’s illustrations, please click here.