Special Auction to Support Invisible Cities

To finish off our Crowdfunder Campaign ” Support The Invisible Cities Community” with a BANG, we are very excited to work with some of our supporters in Edinburgh and Welsh artist Christie Bradshaw for a one of a kind auction…

The piece “Rocks of New Asgard” has been kindly donated so we could collect final donations to go towards our online campaign, which is due to end at the end of January 2023!

Interested in acquiring this painting AND support our organisation at the same time?

All you have to do is make a donation of your choice to our crowdfunder (just click on the link above) and on January 25th, we will randomly draw the name of one of the donors to choose the winner of the beautiful painting!

ALL donations will be included in the draw, so no matter what you can afford, you have your chance to win! The painting will be shipped directly to our lucky winner!