Invisible Cities Celebrates International Women’s day with New Card Game

Everyone at Invisible Cities is very excited to announce the release a brand new game, created by the whole team, that celebrates women from across the UK.

Featuring women from all corners of the UK, this unique card game can be played by the whole family. Each card highlights a particular woman and her history, detailing why she is inspirational.

Cards include women from the past and present, recognised for their talents in fields such as sports, politics, literature or activism. A lot of these women are already featured in our walking tours.

Famous women featured include Elsie Inglis, Jane Austen, Adele and Ada Lovelace. The aim of the game is to highlight each and every incredible woman, increasing awareness around their achievements while raising vital funds for Invisible Cities.

Invisible cities CEO and Founder Zakia Moulaoui Guery says, “Through our tours, we want to represent women and discuss their achievements but also their place in society. It is important to create strong role models for children nowadays and I really believe games like this will support us in our mission to achieve this.

“The whole team has worked very hard on choosing the women that they wanted to include in the game and curating a little story for each of them. The cards are also accompanied by a beautiful illustration from our friend Nicola Boon making them perfect for gifting to loved ones too.”

You can get the game in our e-shop from today!