500 Miles. 5 Cities. Celebrating 5 Years of Invisible Cities.

We are calling all our supporters, friends, customers and partners to take part in a virtual miles-covering challenge, to help us celebrate 5 years of Invisible Cities while raising vital funds for our social enterprise.

Did you know that this year, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary? And what better way to celebrate than a virtual fundraiser to connect people across the UK? After a full year of being stuck indoors, getting outside to exercise is more important for our mental health than ever before. As COVID-19 has had a huge impact on homelessness, we thought we’d combine the benefits of outdoor activity with the effort to help support those experiencing homelessness through the pandemic.

What is the challenge?

500 miles across 5 cities over 4 months, our virtual fundraiser will connect you with the people all over the UK to raise money for those affected by homelessness. Walking, running, cycling, swimming – whatever your preference you can get involved!

How does it work?

From April – July there are 4 legs (one per month) that collectively make-up 500 miles as you virtual move between our Invisible Cities locations. Sign up for one leg, or all 4 if you like – the challenge is to complete the number of miles required for that leg, within the month. Each leg varies in distance, so there’s something for absolute beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. You can sign up as an individual or in teams of up to 6, to reach the target miles of your leg(s). Just fill in the form below, pay the £10 entry (100% of which goes towards supporting those affected by homelessness), and we’ll email you with the rest of the details.

What will you get?

  • We’ll set up a personal Go Fund Me account so you can share & collect sponsorship donations from friends and family
  • Access to our Strava group to track miles and become part of our community
  • Virtual updates showing where you are in your journey. Make it halfway through the Edinburgh to York leg? Yep you’re in Newcastle! So expect to get fun updates about history and homelessness organisations depending on where you are on your virtual journey.