Supporting ‘Appetite For Change’ on Christmas Day!

This Christmas the team at Invisible (Edinburgh) will be donating presents to the wonderful ‘Appetite for Change’ initiative.

Appetite for Change is a very special movement based here in the Scottish capital, founded in 2015 by Eileen Inglis. Realising the festive period can be a stressful time for those who are facing hard times both socially and financially, Eileen decided to host an annual Christmas Day dining event with great food and a welcoming atmosphere that brings people together.

In support of Eileen, who has worked to support hundreds of social entrepreneurs in the city, the team at Invisible (Edinburgh) will distribute presents to those attending this year’s Appetite for Change annual Christmas meal, using profits from our tours and donations from our network of friends, colleagues and strategic partners.

Zakia Moulaoui, Founder of Invisible (Edinburgh), said “Christmas can be a difficult time for people, especially if they have no one to share it with. That’s why we wanted to contribute, in a very small way, to what Appetite for Change is doing.

“Our guides are also very excited about making someone’s Christmas a bit better!”

The Appetite for Change Christmas Day event is now in its third year and benefits from the support of a fantastic team of volunteers and local businesses including The Fig Tree BistroThe Kilted Lobster and the Edinburgh Junk Food Project.

To find out more about Appetite for Change, please visit their Facebook page.