Invisible (Glasgow) Launches New Partnership with Grand Circle Foundation

We are so excited to announce that in Glasgow, we are partnering with Grand Circle Foundation to make guests dicosver the city like never before!

In 2020, Grand Circle Foundation committed to donating $2000 to kick off our new round of training in Glasgow. This came at a time when the city was in lock-down and was a real lifeline for Invisible (Glasgow). Now that we have a brand new tour running with our new guide Angie, we are finally able to take guests onto our favourite spots in the city. Throughout the month of October, Angie has taken nearly 100 customers on a shorter version of her tour, but only after they heard about the work we are doing throughout the UK.

The purpose of these visits is for guests to hear about some of the issues the city is facing and some of the solutions we are bringing.

Before touring with our new guides, every guest gets to enjoy a warm drink and a warm welcome from fellow social enterprise Soul Food Sisters in the Barras. The women in the not for profit organisation also take the opportunity to spread the word about the work they are doing in Glasgow.

Invisible Cities’ founder, Zakia Moulaoui Guery says: “Our partnership with Grand Circle Foundation is such a wonderful opportunity for our guide Angie to keep on practicing her tour and for us to raise more and more awareness about what we do. It is always wonderful meeting guests from around the world and now we are back on the road after such a difficult 18 months, we are very excited to see everyone enjoy their time with us inGlasgow.”

After each tour, guests are encouraged to donate to Invisible Cities to further support the work we do in our communities. Following on our trial tours in October, Grand Circle is hoping to resume their activities fully in 2022 and bring hundreds of groups to Invisible(Glasgow). Stay tuned for more updates on this soon!