International Women’s Day 2018: Powerful Guides of the World

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, we wanted to highlight some very powerful women: guides of alternative tours around Europe- our own Edinburgh based guide Biffy, but also Viv in London and Maria in Athens.

Guides are what makes walking tours so special and when they share their own personal stories, it is even more special!

In Edinburgh, Biffy has chosen the theme of “Powerful Women of Edinburgh” for her tours and will tell her customers about Maggie Dickson, Elsie Inglis or JK Rowling. She has been a guide with Invisible (Edinburgh) since 2016 and has taken part in events such as Audacious Women Festival and taken groups from the Scottish Government or Edinburgh University along the streets of the Scottish Capital.

Viv, originally from Norway, is now a guide with Unseen Tours in London.

She has lived in London since 1975 and became homeless 16 years ago after a relationship broke up. She really enjoys being involved with the walking tours and especially researching the history of the area such as Covent Garden.

Maria, from Athens, has been involved with “Invisible Tours“ since they started. She talks of her experience with drama and the theatre lessons she took, which really helped her improve her speech skills and what she needed to become a guide.

We personally think that all three women are inspiring, bold and strong! Check out their tours if you are ever in their cities.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Biffy is delivering her tour on Thursday 8th at 3pm. To book your space click here.