Celebrate International Women’s Day with Invisible (Edinburgh)

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Every year, organisations and individuals come together to celebrate women while pledging to accelerate women’s equality.

At Invisible Cities, we use our walking tours to talk about women representation in our cities but also highlight the women of our past and present that we think should be better known and celebrated. Last year for instance we launched our own card game “Women of the UK” with each card featuring an amazing woman in our country. The aim of the game is to learn about who they are and discuss their accomplishments. You can find our game in our e-shop here.

This year, Invisible (Edinburgh) has decided to organise a series of events to promote women in the city: from our best seller “Women of Edinburgh” Walking tour to special events in partnership with other organisations, we are very excite to welcome you all to our celebrations of women in the Scottish Capital. Full list of events below:

  • Women of Edinburgh Walking Tour– special day/time for this tour. Join us on March 8th at 5pm with your guide Paul, because as he says “you do not need to be a woman to be a feminist”. Book your spot here.
  • An Evening with Sara Sheridan, author of “Where are the women?” on March 18th from 6pm. For most of recorded history, women have been sidelined, if not silenced, by men who named the built environment after themselves. Sara Sheridan reimagines what the country would look like if women were more represented. The event will be a conversation between Sara and one of our Edinburgh guides Paul and will take place at the Kimpton Hotel Charlotte Square. Tickets include a hot drink and goodie bag, provided by Invisible Cities. Book your ticket here.
  • Women in Business Panel in partnership with JCI Edinburgh, on March 30th from 6pm. You can join us and listen to women business owners in the city. More information on come on this soon.
  • Watch our Lassies of Leith Virtual tour. In partnership with Leith Comedy Festival, we produced a virtual tour, focusing on the inspiring women of the area. To watch it, fill in the form below and we will send it directly to you! It is free of charge but we recommend a donation to support the work we do all year round.

More events may be added to this list and we simply cannot wait to see you all share our celebrations!