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Vitaiu! (Hello)

I am a TV producer and journalist who had just finished work on my 15th film when my street in Ukraine was overwhelmed by Russian tanks. Cardiff offered me sanctuary, and since arriving with a car full of animals and teenagers I have embraced life in Wales with an open heart. I founded Film4Teens, the Ukrainian Film School for young people in Wales who are displaced by the war. I wanted to use my expertise in film making to help participants express their feelings and experiences in a supportive and creative way.

I was a tour guide in my student days, so it has been enjoyable to revisit my passion for welcoming people to a place. I used to work for Greenpeace, and thinking about how we can live more consciously alongside nature is important to me. Invisible Cardiff has been the perfect way to bring the things that I care about together and share my love of the city with others.

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