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Poetry, Protest and Place with John

1.5 Hours From £15 GBP per person

Visit the sites where protests have animated the city and paved the way for change. John takes you to the iconic meeting places where global and local causes have been fought for.

At the heart of this is the relationship between those tensions – Cardiff as a capital city of a small working-class nation striving to find a place on the world stage. John takes you through different forms of protest, visiting the monuments to changemakers who have shaped Wales both past and present, from Dic Penderyn to Betty Campbell. John skilfully weaves in his craft of poetry, sharing his own work alongside pivotal pieces. This tour is both personal and political, giving you an insight into Cardiff as a creative catalyst.

Tour Highlights

Starting at the Betty Campbell monument, this tour will lead you into the creative heart of Womanby street, piecing together how the Romans, Vikings, the Butes and Pirates all made their mark on the city. You’ll hear firsthand experiences of protest from the Occupy movement outside Cardiff Castle, to saving local music venues. The tour will end at the feet of Aneurin Bevan, founder of the NHS and advocate for social housing. This monument has been the starting point for protest in Cardiff for decades and will leave you questioning what you would change if you could.

Tour Details

Thursday & Friday afternoons
Tour Parcipitants
3 to 15
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Adults, Families, Professionals
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