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Tour revenue will be invested in providing support for our tour guides, who have all been affected by homelessness.

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Languages of Scotland

1 Hours From £12 GBP per person

What languages were spoken in Scotland throughout the centuries? Through this tour you will find out! Our guide Angus is our very own language expert: speaking 7 languages himself, he is interested in the origins of languages and their evolution!

Profits from this tour will be used to support Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in Edinburgh. Thanks to you we will be able to deliver free walking tours to them as well as gift "Welcome to Edinburgh" goodie bags!

Tour Highlights

Follow Angus for a (gentle) introduction to the languages of Scotland: Cymric, Gaelic, Norse, the little known Pictish, Romani, North Anglian and it's modern descendant Scots. You will learn a few words along the way but also hear about what remains of these languages in modern day Edinburgh.

Profits from this tour will be used to support Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in Edinburgh!

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Any day at 11am or by request
English, Spanish, French
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Adults, Families, Professionals
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