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Welcome to Invisible Edinburgh! We offer friendly walking tours of Edinburgh that showcase the city's historical landmarks and explore the social projects that make the city what it is.

Our experienced tour guides, all of whom have been affected by homelessness, simply live and breathe the city, and offer their own personal insight into Edinburgh’s past, present and future.

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Uncover Stories of Crime and Punishment

Sonny, an Edinburgh local, offers you a walking tour of his Edinburgh, taking you along the streets that he knows and following the stories of crimes, hangings, and jail time! Hear Sonny’s story and uncover his journey!

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Real Women of Edinburgh

We believe you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist so this Edinburgh walking tour can be delivered by any of our local guides, depending on availability (you cannot choose though!). Discover stories of women throughout History: witches, murderers, mothers and doctors.

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The Royal Mile - Edinburgh's Most famous Street

This Edinburgh walking tour covers the most famous street in the city. Even though you will start at the Grassmarket you will go down the Royal Mile for an exploration of the history of this street and where it gets its famous name, but also of all modern day organisations that call it home today.

This tour can be conducted by several of our guides at Invisible (Edinburgh) so a specific person is not guaranteed.

The tour may run an extra five or ten minutes due to crowds or traffic.

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The Alternative Story of Leith

Leith is a vibrant and yet lesser-known part of Edinburgh. At Invisible Cities, we have a Leith expert and local legend: Dakota! As a proud Leither they have now developed this tour of Leith so every guest can discover the lesser-known and less-politically-correct stories of Leith. You'll learn about Leith's connections with other parts of the world and the many issues it still faces today whilst learning about its vibrant history and the changes it has gone through in its long history..

Warning: this tour contains topics that may not be suitable for young children, such as drug use. However, we can adapt it to a younger audience.

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Boil Boil Toil and Trouble- History of Witchcraft in Edinburgh

Boil boil toil and trouble - but what is the real story? Discover Edinburgh's rich pagan past through folklore and ancient stories, the turbulent history of witchcraft in the city and Scotland, and it's paranormal present- all from me, a practicing pagan dedicated to making this the most authentic walking tour of its kind in Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh's Queer History

Embark on the most fabulous of journeys and discover Edinburgh's rich queer history straight (pun intended) from the early mediaeval era to present day and looking forward. Learn about queer royalty, poets, doctors, sex workers, activists, drag queens and kings, football players and more...there's even a spy! Through these stories and more we'll travel together through history and give life to the history of queer rights and love right up to the present.

Through this tour, you will discover Edinburgh like never before- through rainbow goggles with our guide Dakota, a non-binary queer person with a passion for history and activism.

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