Invisible (Edinburgh) Launches Virtual Tour Experience

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, all our tours have been suspended. However, the team at Invisible (Edinburgh) has prepared a virtual tour for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home!

Government’s guidelines have meant that we are currently unable to offer you our award-winning walking tours. This has obviously had a massive impact on our whole organisation as the tours are our main source of income.

Our priority remains our guides, trainees and everyone we support. That is why we have started a Fundraiser on Justgiving, so we can offer weekly deliveries of food and house items to everyone during these times.

But it is important we also keep everyone engaged and we keep the unique connection we have with all our guests, wherever they come from in the world!

That is why, we have designed a Virtual Tour Experience, for you to enjoy from the safety and comfort of your home! You can now take on a virtual tour of Edinburgh with our super star guide Paul. Tickets start at £7 for individuals, £15 if the whole household is enjoying the tour and £50 if you are a team, going on the tour to stay connected and bond with each other.

We rely on everyone being honest when purchasing and choosing the option that will fit them best.

After booking, guests will receive links to a trail around Edinburgh including photos, videos and audio content from Paul. They will also get fact sheets and the opportunity to book a virtual meeting with him via Zoom.

You can book your Virtual Tour of Edinburgh here.

Our other Invisible Cities are also in the process of creating virtual content so stay tuned for more information!