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Volunteer's Profile: Who is the team behind Invisible (Edinburgh)?

Written on February 02, 2018

The team at Invisible (Edinburgh) is getting bigger and bigger with new guides being trained up as we speak. But we have also been extremely lucky to recruit new volunteers; including Martin!

Martin is a professional tour guide based in Edinburgh and has been supporting our trainees by sharing his own experience and tips on how to be a better guide!

He runs his own tours of Edinburgh - you can find his website here: http://www.strollthroughtime.com/

When we asked him about why he got involved with Invisible Cities, Martin said:

"I wanted to help as I've witnessed the increase in homelessness and felt my experience was relevant to such a worthwhile cause. I'm keen to help where I can sharing the knowledge I've acquired over the last couple of years with my own tour whilst at the same time learn more about Invisible Edinburgh's volunteers and its guides."

We are so grateful to have people like Martin helping us every day. For the next few weeks, we will showcase all the people who make Invisible Cities a reality!


"I am looking forward to contributing to Invisible (Edinburgh) through helping their guides and ultimately, seeing their tours develop."

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