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Training never ends: How to become better public speaker

Written on November 30, 2017

Although our guides Angie and Sonny completed their training with Invisible (Edinburgh) quite some time ago, they never stop looking for opportunities to improve the service they offer to our customers.

As they are both interested in becoming public speakers, they jumped at the chance to attend a recent online coaching session with Catt Wolff from California, USA. Catt has been performing stand up comedy for more than 10 years and also offers practical, how-to guides to help people strengthen their public speaking.

Catt spoke to our guides via Skype last week to give tips on how to be better public speakers and answer their questions, with both Angie and Sonny left positive and hopeful after a useful and informative one hour session.

It is really important for our guides to be coached and guided by professionals in the UK and further afield as it gives them so much pride in what they do and of course, improves the experience of an Invisible (Edinburgh) tour!

Following the session Catt said; "I'm so very glad to know that Angie and Sonny got a lot out of it. I think it's great what the organisation does and I'm honoured to be able to help."

The team at Invisible (Edinburgh) would like to thank Catt for her time and patience - to find out more about her fantastic 'Stand Up For Speakers' initiative, visit her website.

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