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Discover Tailor-Made Experiences through the UK

At Invisible Cities we are so much more than our tours: from our regular training for guides, to our events and partnership, our team through the UK keeps busy.

In this section you can read news from our cities. Whether we have had a special guest on a tour, or if we are organising something exciting in one of our cities we will post it here.

We also ask our trainees, guides, staff and volunteers to contribute to this section and want to raise awareness about the issues our cities are facing: homelessness, social injustice and more!

A poster for the Invisible Edinburgh conference in Greece.

Celebrate World Gaelic Week with Invisible (Edinburgh)

At Invisible (Edinburgh) we are very excited to celebrate World Gaelic Week that will take place between February 20th and 26th 2023. In the capital city, a series of events...
A group of people posing in front of the Capital Hotels building in Edinburgh.

Invisible (Edinburgh) Partners with Capital Hotels to Support Refugee Community

Invisible (Edinburgh) is delighted to partner with two more hotels (remember we already work with The Kimpton Charlotte Square and the Locke Hotel) in the city- this time to work...
A woman standing next to a statue in Cardiff.

Invisible (Cardiff) is Getting Ready: Meet Julia, Invisible (Cardiff) Service Manager

Hello, I’m Julia and I’ve just started as the Invisible (Cardiff) Service Manager. Over the past two decades I’ve been working as a theatre director and producer specialising in developing...
A stunning painting of the ocean, featuring majestic rocks on its serene surface. This captivating artwork presents a unique opportunity to support Invisible Cities and participate in a special auction.

Special Auction to Support Invisible Cities

To finish off our Crowdfunder Campaign ” Support The Invisible Cities Community” with a BANG, we are very excited to work with some of our supporters in Edinburgh and Welsh artist Christie...
Now, a group of people standing on a dock next to a lake.

Where are They Now? PAUL- EDINBURGH

In this new series of blog posts, we catch up with our former guides to hear how about what they are up to now and how they are using their...
A street in Edinburgh filled with parked cars, attracting Harry Potter fans.

Must-see Edinburgh Sites for Harry Potter Fans

If you’re looking to explore the birthplace of this famous franchise, Edinburgh is the place to be. While there are actually no filming locations in the capital city, many of...
Visit Edinburgh castle, one of the iconic castles in the UK, as you enjoy breathtaking views from the top of a hill.

The Best Castles to Visit in the UK

The UK is known for having a history as rich and diverse as its landscapes. Each country is studded with unique castles and fortresses that reflect centuries of strife and...
Location: Stonehenge in England is a must-visit landmark on many bucket lists, situated in the UK.

UK Locations for Your Bucket List

The UK is packed with history, culture, and excitement. It’s hardly surprising, then, that once you start writing out a bucket list of things to see and do here, it...
A team of people taking a selfie in front of a building, welcoming their newest member.

Meet our newest member of the team: Craig!

This blog post was written by Craig, who joined the Invisible Cities team in May 2022! Hello my name is Craig and I am the administrative coordinator here at Invisible...
A group of people standing in front of edinburgh castle.

6 Unique Things to Do on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile is a microcosm of Edinburgh; its buzzing atmosphere, music, and history show some of the best things Edinburgh has to offer in just a 1.81km stretch. It’s...
Invisible Cities is a social enterprise that trains people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city.

New Merchandise Item- Inspirational Women of the UK Jigsaw Puzzle

Following on the success of our Card Game: Women of the UK last year, we have decided to launch a brand new item: our very first jigsaw puzzle! Over the last two...
Visit Edinburgh castle, one of the iconic castles in the UK, as you enjoy breathtaking views from the top of a hill.

New Tour Launch in Edinburgh- The Languages of Scotland

We are so excited to announce that our very own Angus is launching a brand new tour in Edinburgh- The Languages of Scotland! And Angus has decided to use his...