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Invisible Cities is a Social Enterprise. This means we are a social business with a social conscience. We don't believe in labels or stereotypes and we want to show that everyone has great potential, a fact reflected in our tour guides.

We train people affected by homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city and offer these alternative tours to tourists and locals.

Our high quality training empowers our guides to create, craft and deliver tours that are their own, highlighting monuments, people and places they have chosen themselves.


In 2018, we started replicating Invisible Cities in other cities, with Manchester, in October 2018 and Glasgow in November 2018. In June 2019, we launched tours in York.

In each city, we partner with another organisation and develop a team to make it a success. Are you interesting in having Invisible Tours in your own City contact Zakia here!


Throughout the country, we organise campaigns to raise awareness about homelessness and the hard-hitting realities behind it. In 2019, this has included a series of posters that have gone viral on social media. Each poster was displayed on the streets of one of our Invisible City, encouraging the public to think about their perception of homeless people. They are now displayed in several museums around the world, including in the Poster House (New York), which is the first museum in America dedicated to the art and history of the poster, and locally as part of the Castle Museum in York’s permanent collection.

In 2019, we also partnered with Glasgow Museums and To Absent Friends Festival to organise a display, remembering the homeless people who died on the streets of Glasgow. We collected and scattered 47 pairs of Shoes, one for each person, reminding everyone that these people were not statistics but human being. You can see the report from this event here.


As a social enterprise, 100% of our profit is re invested in the development and education of our guides or is used to organise events for the wider communities of the cities we are in.

In Edinburgh we facilitate the Street Barber (Edinburgh) events where we give free haircuts and toiletries to homeless men, directly from the streets.

In 2018, we started offering "Pampering Days" to homeless women in the city.

We believe everybody should get to feel good about themselves, even if it is only for a few hours, after having been pampered.

Check out what it means here:

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